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Sunday, 1 April 2012

OpenCV and Visual studio

As Hamed has already begun using OpenCV2.2 I have decided to try it out, as i run visual studio on windows 7 x86_64,  i needed to build OpenCV from source as there weren't binaries available for this version and platform.

i followed this guide to get it set-up and there were a few hiccups along the way:

First they left out a step, after you build the whole solution, you need to build the "install" project to ensure the source and the libraries are assembled in the correct directories.

and second you have to set the build target to x64, however i think in hindsight as there is no "64bit" version of visual studio 2010, i could have used the 32bit version and just build for 32bit. but given that i had it working i decided for the time being just to stick with x64.

OpenCV is great, it  has lots of functionality that will save a fare amount of time. however the video formats and codecs it supports are quite limmited, see

unfortunately the video i had recorded at the end of last year is in a format that is not supported, despite the fact i recorded with a kinect, this is because i used the open source drivers to record as such i will have to re encode, or make a new recording using the official SDK, Hamed kindly linked me to his code that he used to make recordings,

also of late, i have been working on my proposal which is due on the 14th of April!

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